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sometimes things that don't work still sell on eBay so it may work and is usually free to list

do you like doing t-shirt quilts? It seems like it would be a lot less fun if they weren't your shirts and your memories to think about when you're making it.

p.s. I agree with alison

I guess I do kinda like doing t-shirt quilts-its fun to see what shirts are special to others and what they have been involved in. Unless the shirts are really grundgy or wreak of cigarettes-I've only ever had that almost happen once, it never materialized when I requested a deposit. (good thing I like it because I do enough of them!)

I've never made a t-shirt quilt, but I want to. Probably not enough to need a steamer, but I can see where it make the process easier, especially since my t-shirts have been stuffed in a drawer for quite a while.

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